• Is there a selection process for acceptance into the workshop?

Acceptance is in general on a first-come, first-served basis. In the past editions of these workshops, there have been approximately 10% more registrants than the capacity. In such instances, the workshop organizers will exercise their discretion to finalize the attendee list. Hence, if you are not sure about attending the workshop, then please consider waiting for the next edition of the workshop.

  • What if I am not selected for the workshop?

We will be streaming most of the workshop live on Google Hangouts-on-Air, and the stream will be available online after the workshop as well. You can also post online Q&A through the Google Hangouts application. The video of the previous edition of the workshop can be found here.

Documents for registration:

  • What documents should I submit as part of the registration for the workshop?

All registrations are expected to provide a 1-page summary of their idea for the CAREER proposal. This document should be in the PDF format and a link to the document should be provided as part of the registration.

  • Are there guidelines on what goes into the one page proposal summary, does it need to follow the typical NSF format and include things like Broader Impact and Intellectual Merit, or just a free flow summary of the research to be conducted?

We recommend that you use the NSF proposal summary format.

  • How will the 1 page proposal summary be used and who will review it?

The summary will be used when you meet with CISE program managers to discuss your ideas. It will not be used to select or filter participants. We recognize that your ideas may not be fully formed at this stage, but please try to capture them in the NSF-recommended summary format (Section C. 2.b of the following document):

  • Will my proposal summary be kept confidential, I am hesitant to put this information as a web-link?

All information submitted to the workshop will be shared only amongst NSF program directors, and the workshop organizer. We recommend that you put your documents on a site (e.g., private website, Google Drive, Dropbox) and provide access to only those who have the link. You can take the link down after the workshop is over.

The Day After the Workshop:

  • When will the one-on-one conversations occur on the day after the workshop?

Once registration is closed, we will identify slots for PIs who have expressed interest in meeting with CISE PDs at NSF on the second day (April 5), based on the availability of the Program Directors. If you have expressed interest in this set of meetings on the registration form, we ask that you leave from Washington DC no earlier than 4pm on the April 5 in order to make the appointment with a CISE PD. The schedule will be made available to all participants by March 10th

  • Can I meet with multiple program officers on the day after the workshop?"

Faculty members often have diverse and interdisciplinary research interests, and are often unsure about which program would be the correct fit for their research. However, given the time constraints and logistics of multiple program officers having to meet one-on-one with a large number of workshop attendees within a day, we are restricting the each attendee to meeting only one program officer on April 5th. Therefore, please read up on the various programs of interest and select carefully.

  • I want to setup my own meetings with program officers on day after the workshop. Should I simply email the program officers?

On the day after the workshop, nearly 200 faculty members are expected to be meeting one-on-one with CISE program officers at NSF. In order to minimize load on CISE program officers, we strongly urge you to refrain from contacting individual program officers on your own. If you want to meet with multiple program officers, the one-day workshop program offers several opportunities to talk to many program officers in the afternoon sessions.

  • Fifteen minutes is too short to have a meaningful discussion with a program officer. Can I get more time?

The amount of time allotted to meet with you is at the discretion of the program officer. Each of them have varying schedules, given that this is the busiest season of the year with several panels and travel commitments. You will get at least 15 minutes, and some program officers might be willing to talk to you for up to 30 minutes, and this will be reflected in the schedule.

  • I would like to catch an early flight. Can I get a time slot in the morning with the program officer?

Due to the overwhelming nature of such requests from all participants, we cannot make such accommodations for those who request it. You will know your meeting schedule by March 10th, so there is adequate time to plan for your return flight back.


  • How will travel reimbursement be handled for the career workshop?

Travel reimbursement is only for faculty from HBCU/MEI institutions first, and if additional funds are available, from other under-represented groups, at a fixed amount (about $900). We may consider to cover additional costs on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do I qualify for travel support?

If you are a faculty member at a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) or at a Minority Education Institution (MEI), then we will consider you for travel support. We have limited number of grants available (around 50). If we get more than this number of requests for support from eligible faculty, we might end up scaling down the support numbers to accommodate everyone, but it has not occurred in the past. We will contact you after the notification deadline, if you are eligible for the travel grant.

  • Can I support my travel from one of my NSF grants?

If it is not relevant to the research funded under the grant (or pertinent to the broader impact activities identified under the project), then you cannot use that money for this purpose.


  • Will there be another one in the near future or if another division, in particular if MPS (or more specifically DMS) will be running something similar?

This workshop is specific to CISE. Other directorates in NSF organize similar workshops to benefit faculty members who apply to their own programs. If you are planning to target any of the CISE programs for your CAREER proposal, then you should consider attending this workshop.

  • Will my attendance this year jeopardize the chance for me to attend the workshop again, in subsequent years?

Repeat attendees are allowed for this and future workshops.